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"What a year it's been! 2021 brings a new wave of positive energy post-pandemic, and to go with it, a new name and bright new face lift for Discover Studios."

Four Door is a creative interactive production studio based in Brighton. Formerly Discover Studios, our team specialises in building and managing custom augmented and virtual reality projects of any size.

Founded by husband and wife duo Jonathan and Sophie in 2016, they combined a passion for immersive technology with extensive knowledge of creative production processes to form a studio with a focus on creating exciting interactive experiences pushing new immersive tech to its full potential. 

Our ambition is to share the immersive technology with all. No matter what the project, time frame or budget, we pride ourselves on the ability to produce top quality immersive content whilst being able to offer our clients reliable affordable and honest pricing.


We are proud to support our industry by always working with independent and freelance developers, content creators and producers.


If you'd like to join our growing network of trusted freelance talent and help out on our next exciting project get in touch...

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